In February of 2019, we launched our Kickstarter and to our surprise we were fully funded in 6 days! The community as far as Alaska and as close to home, supported us! Our hearts are bursting with love, eyes filled with tears and it’s because we are part of a community that cares.

When our journey started it was for the animals. We were involved with local protest and marches, but felt we were not doing the maximum to open eyes and hearts to veganism. We knew if we could create a menu that was absolutely delicious, it was a gateway to a conversation, which would lead to an awakening. 100% believe that 99% of humanity loves animals and wishes no harm, but we are brainwashed to believe eating one animal vs another is okay.

Our journey has continued with the support of our community!Instead of only offering our food once a month, we’ll be open 4-5 days/week.Every single plate that leaves us is an extension of our love for animals.Every single dish, is an opportunity to save another life. Every meal purchased is another day to spread our love! 

We are grateful for our community! We are touched by the support! We will work hard to continue the journey and we hope you’ll join us for the ride of a lifetime! We are now known as HapPea Vegans and as a family LET’S EAT!

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