Our Food is Grown, Not Born.

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We Believe That Peace Starts On Your Plate


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Welcome to our space on the good old interweb! We are a literal mom and pop vegan food trailer in NE San Antonio, Texas. 

As the movement to find more sustainable and cruelty free cuisine grows, we strive to create dishes that are beautiful and delicious! Many are curious and some are non believers, that vegan food could ever be the same if not better. We believe that more people would be willing to join us on our fight for saving the planet, if they felt they weren’t sacrificing everything they love to eat. A business was born; we create food people love to eat!  Our mission in life is to pique the interest of those who don’t believe, to amaze them once they try and keep them coming back. You will find our cuisine to be very different than other vegan establishments as we like to put ourselves on a plate. We only cook foods we know and have a direct memory of growing up with.Why???? Because food is love and if we created a cuisine that we had no connection to, it would not be as authentic. We are bringing you classics that my granny made, but veganized. I’ve veganized Korean dishes my mother would make, now creating fusion to include papasans heritage. Food is love and eating with us, you’ll feel that culinary hug each time! So please join our vegan family we are finally opening on food trailer in San Antonio, Texas located at 9111 Broadway. We look forward to seeing our friends and family and extending the family over the years to come!!!!


Here at HapPea Vegans we love and support our military!

As an Army brat I knew the sacrifices my father made, but also the families that were left behind during deployment. Now our son is serving this great country in the US Navy, stationed in Japan. As our appreciation for those who are retired military or active duty, we offer you a 10% military discount everyday. All we ask is if you ever come across a handsome kid called “Drones” and he looks like mamasan, please watch over him and make sure he comes home! Thank you to the brave men and women who have serve(d) our country and it’s our biggest honor to serve you!!!!!!

On Thanksgiving day all meals are free for active and retired duty with ID